Mucus Boy

The Bear Story as told by Ed Sampson Sr.

The Blackfish Story as told by Adeline Smith

Blackfish Seals as told by Tom Charles, transcribed by Harmony Arakawa

The Changer as told by Ed Sampson Sr.

The Deconstruction of the Pysht Village as told by Ed Sampson Sr.

The Hummingbird Story as told by Beatrice Charles

The Nahkeeta Story as told by Jamie Valadez

The Old Lady at the Dance as told by Ed Sampson Sr.

Slapu Steals a Boy

The Star Husbands as told by Amy Allen, translated by Beatrice Charles, Adeline Smith, Jamie Valadez and Tim Montler

The Strong People as told by Beatrice Charles, told to her by Sam Ulmer

The Wolf Story as told by Elsie Sampson​