Social Services

  • 3080 Lower Elwha Road
    Port Angeles, WA 98363

  • Phone: 360.565.7257
    Fax: 360.457.8429

  • Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

The Lower Elwha Social Services Department strives to offer quality services to empower families and individuals to obtain self-sufficiency through coordinated services. Services are offered through the support of active participants, community support, tribal programs, as well as outside services providers.

Some of the services offered include:  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), General Assistance (G.A), Indian Child Welfare (ICW), Family Advocacy, LIHEAP, Food Pantry, Elders Services, Healthy Transitions, Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) and Family Preservation Services (FPS).

Some services are subject to availability of funds and may not be available year-round.

Staff Directory for the Social Services Department

Rebecca Sampson-Weed, Social Services Director, Ext. 7456
Julie Helgeson, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 7451
Janet Elofson, Receptionist, Ext. 7450

Elders Program Staff

  • Samantha Acosta, Elders Coordinator, Ext. 7466
  • Gina Williams, Elders Nutrition Coordinator, Ext. 7434
  • Tribal Center Kitchen- Elders Meals, Ext. 7434

Family Advocacy

  • Beatriz Arakawa, Family Advocacy Manager, Ext. 7453
  • Iliana Jones, Advocate & Community Outreach, Ext. 7681

Healthy Transitions Staff
* Offices locations at LEKT SS and Satellite Office at 717 S. Peabody Street

  • Taylor Jones, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 7668
  • Brad Holloway, Youth & Young Adult Advocate, Ext. 7680
  • Keeoma Messenger, Youth & Young Adult Advocate, Ext. 7701 (direct ring 360-461-4916)
  • Sandra Stokes, MH Clinical Supervisor Ext. 7674

Indian Child Welfare Staff

  • Vashti White, ICW Program Manager, Ext. 7458
  • Autumn Clark, ICW Case Manager, Ext. 7449

Heritage Center – 401 E Front Street, Port Angeles, WA 98363

  • Nicole Volkmann, HC Manager, Ext. 2912
  • Sateva Henderson, TANF/GA Case Manager, Ext. 7439
    • Offices at both Social Services and Heritage Center


  • Becky Charles, TANF/GA Coordinator, Ext. 7455
  • Sateva Henderson, TANF/GA Case Manager, Ext. 7439
  • Kelsie Gish, TANF/GA Case Manager, Ext. 7459