Head Start & Early Head Start

​Head Start is a comprehensive program that provides children and families with information and access to education, health, mental, nutrition, family goal setting, prenatal education and resources.

Children are provided with developmental screenings in the areas of education, sensory, vision, hearing and disabilities. Children with a suspected or diagnosed developmental delay are referred to the Port Angeles School District for further evaluation or services.

They receive initial dental services, and parents/caregivers are offered services in child development, health education, advocacy, and, through a cooperative agreement with Peninsula College, each parent attending (Family Nights) can sign up for two credits per quarter that can be used as electives for those pursuing degrees.


  • To deliver quality comprehensive developmental services to low-income children and their families;
  • To develop, nurture, and enhance the learning of young children, and assist them in reaching their full potential for school readiness;
  • To support, develop, and advocate, through the family partnership process, the goals and needs of each individual family.


  • We believe in the unique value, dignity, respect, and equality of all human beings.
  • We believe in dedicated commitment to equal partnership between parents and staff.
  • We believe that the quality of life is affected by the interaction between people and their environments.
  • We believe that education can empower people to make decisions about their own lives.
  • We believe in maintaining confidentiality for all people.
  • We believe in respect for and appreciation of diversity.
  • We believe in the rights and privileges of all people through the provision of opportunities for growth and development.
  • We believe in the capacity of people to change.
  • We believe in providing developmentally appropriate programming.
  • We believe in an interdisciplinary approach in addressing issues related to children and families.
  • We believe in working with people to empower them to overcome obstacles.
  • We believe in lifelong learning for all people.


The mission of the Lower Elwha Head Start is to provide quality individualized comprehensive services that empower children, families, and staff from diverse backgrounds to their best.​