Elections Information

Return your voter registration forms to an election committee member in person, by email to elections@elwhaelections.org ,or in person at polling day.

2024 Voting season is here! Here are some important dates:

  • April 1st – nominations at the Tribal Center 7pm.
    • You must have voter registration form and address update information to Moe Raub in enrollment in order to get a mailout ballot for May 4th polling day.
  • April 3rd – Acceptance of Nominations due by 5pm 
  • May 4th – General polling day 10am – 8pm
  • May 25th – Chairperson polling day 10am – 8pm

You should have received your first election packet by now. If you haven’t received anything, please check with Moe Raub in enrollment to make sure your information is correct. If you are on the eligible voter list and unable to complete the voter registration ahead of time, we will have forms at the polling station. If you would like to download and complete the form ahead of time.

Please reach out to the committee at elections@elwhaelections.org if you have any questions or concerns.

2024 Committee Members

  • Sonja Elofson, Chair
  • Amy Carter, Vice-Chair
  • Marie Miller Bryant, Treasurer
  • Sharmaine Wright, Secretary
  • Amy Reed, Committee Member
  • Sateva Henderson, Committee Member
  • Rayin Blewett, Committee Member

Please keep your address up to date with the Tribal Enrollment officer in order to receive information for the upcoming 2024 Annual Tribal Elections. Address update forms are available at Tribal Center Front Desk Lobby Area next to the voter registration form or download the form here (Official Address Change Form).

 * Vote By Mail How-To Video *


Vote By Mail How-To Video (MOV)