Mucus Boy

A mother had seven boys and one girl.

One day the sister got lost and one by one the brothers disappeared in their attempts to find her.

The mother cried so hard that a baby was made of her mucus pooling on the ground.

He grew up and went into the woods, where he found the bodies of his brothers. He found that his sister was a prisoner, married to a mountain lion.

When the lion hunted, he stuck her to a pitchy stump so she couldn’t escape. The sister had a baby that was two-faced.

All the brothers came to rescue the sister, but she warned them to leave, that the lion would kill them.

When the lion returned, the two-faced child would tell that a brother had come. The lion would hunt down the brother and tear out his heart.

When Mucus Boy came he made sure he had stones covering his heart, so when the lion attacked, his nails got bent and Mucus Boy killed him.

He took his brothers hearts back and brought them back to life. The brothers and sister all went back home. One day the two-faced child got angry at the one who had saved them (Mucus Boy). The child called him names and finally said, “Mucus.” The man covered his face, climbed to the sky, and was never seen again.

*This is one of many versions of this story.