Hunter John

​​The oldest known ancestor from the Klallam who lived on the Elwha was Hunter John. He lived in a village where Indian Creek spills into the Elwha. This village was called titiʔə́ɬ.

He also homesteaded. He was famous for his ability to hunt. Whenever he went out to hunt, he always brought something back to the village. To become a hunter was very prestigious during this time.

Hunter John was born in 1782 and died in 1912. He lived to be 130 years old! He lived during the time of early explorers and up until when the lower dam was first being built.

The people who lived down river were known as fishermen; the people who lived up river were known as hunters. The fishermen knew when the hunters were coming down to trade and visit because you could hear the clacking of deer hooves tied to their knees as they ran down the trails.​