C&S Coho Fishery Snapshot

“It makes my heart feel so good to have our people fishing the river again … You get fish hungry after a while. ” – Cheryl Charles

Here are some highlights from the historic Coho fishery October 9-31st, 2023 …

203 Total Coho caught (137 by hook & line)

5 Non-target species caught and released: Bull trout, Pink, Chum, Cuthroat and Rainbow Trout

Percent of Natural origin fish versus hatchery origin fish – 66:33

151 registered fishers

Youngest Fisher: Age 14

5 fishers caught and delivered fish to elders

Although returns were fewer than expected, this was consistent with statewide trends for Coho this year. Memories were made and lessons learned in this important step toward restoring tribal fishing on the Elwha River.

THANK YOU to all who participated in this effort and helped our staff collect data that is critical to ensure future Elwha fisheries.

“Awesome. It was just awesome to have fresh, real fish, not town fish … It’s been too long. I like to think about it again, brings tears to my eyes.” – Geni Black