NOAA Fisheries Elwha Data Portal Now Live!

Elwha Dam Removal Monitoring Data

Researchers from NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center have been working with LEKT Natural Resources staff and partners to examine how riverine, estuarine and nearshore habitats continue to change since dam removal. Their team has just released on online database, where you can view and access the latest information on water temperature, habitat, fish (and more!) being collected by scientists.

The website contains several categories, where you can access the data and learn more about the research.

“NOAA scientists and partners have conducted monitoring and research on physical river-floodplain dynamics, water temperature, chemical changes in nutrients and stable isotopes, riverine benthic communities, juvenile salmonid diet, salmon recolonization and movement, genetics, and nearshore habitat and community studies. NOAA Fisheries is committed to sharing research data publicly. The insights we gain are the heart of our science-based conservation and management. This website preserves this data legacy and provides public access to data sets to promote continued collaboration and learning from the Elwha Ecosystem Restoration Project for future monitoring and dam removal endeavors.”