Drum Group and Community Class Schedule


sx̣ʷúpč –October

10/3/23            Rattle Carving     10 am-7 pm

10/10/23          Drum Group        5 pm-7 pm

10/17/23          Rattle Carving    10 am-7 pm

10/22/23          Rattle Carving    10 am– 2 pm

 *nəxʷsƛ̕áy̕əm̕ Song and Dance practice will be hosted by Port Gamble, a notice will be posted on Camp Crier for the date and time.

čən̕háʔnəŋ   -November

11/3/23            Coastal Jam at University of Washington

                          4249 Little Canoe Channel NE, Seattle, WA 98105

11/5– 11/9        1 pm-7 pm Wool fringe shawls

11/14/23           5 pm– 7pm Drum Group

11/20-11/22     1pm– 7 pm Wool fringe shawls 

11/28/23           5-7 pm Drum Group


All Drum Group and Community classes will be held at the Culture Center, 322 Stratton Rd. Call to reserve a rattle kit because we have a limited supply.


TRIBAL ROYALTY COMPITITOIN October 24th held in the gymnasium at 6 pm. Please be there to support our youth as we honor the next Elwha Warriors.