COVID Vaccine Promotion Checks and Freezers Updates


  • The checks are being processed in finance and should be mailed out tomorrow or Friday. The Tribal Center was closed two days this week (Monday 6/28-6/29), which has delayed things a little. Please be patient and rest assured that they will arrive in the mail shortly.
  • The checks are being sent to the address that was listed on the completed forms, and are not available for pick up.
  • Forms that were completed after 11 am yesterday (6/29) will be included in next week’s batch and will be mailed out next week.
  • The process will continue the pattern of cut off for check processing will be 11am on each Tuesday, with mailing of the checks later in the week.


  • Eight (8) upright freezers were delivered last week (6/23) to homes
  • Twenty four (24) small (9cuft) chest freezers are being delivered this week (6/30)
  • The remainder of the freezers have not arrived from the manufacturer, but are expected to show up in a large shipment of multiple semi-trucks.
  • The appliance company calls homes to arrange delivery, no one else. Look out for a call from them, empty out your VM so you can accept a message from them. If they cannot get a hold of you, then they will reach out to me for assistance.
  • Questions about freezers can be directed to me at 360-452-8471 x7420

I will be out of the office for the next two days and back on Tuesday 7/6/21.

Thank you,

Tia Skerbeck
Tribal Operations Officer