2022 Goeduck Lottery

2022 Geoduck Lottery Signup Announcement

March 3rd 2022

There will be a Geoduck Lottery Signup Period from March 7th 2022 until March 28,th  2022.  This time period is in effect because Commercial Fishing Vessel Coast Guard Inspections for the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe are scheduled from March 22, 2022 through March 24, 2022.  Appointments for Coast Guard Inspection have to be made with Charlene Lauderback. Phone number 360.457.4012 ext. 7486.  These inspections are required every two years.

The purpose of the lottery is to fill ONE vacant share (Individual Boat Quota) of the total tribal geoduck quota.  The lottery will be held after March 28 and no later than April 1st 2022.  Signing up does not ensure you will be entered in the lottery, but not signing up means you won’t be.  To be entered in the lottery, you must meet all the eligibility requirements below, which must be documented with Charlene Lauderback, Office Manager, Natural Resources Department, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe.  The boat-owner selected in the lottery will have up to 30 days, if needed, in which to ensure that the boat has its own set of dive gear with a current surface air system for which a test inspection has been completed. An alternate will also be drawn. If the first pick cannot meet the requirements after 30 days of the drawing, then the alternate will have the opportunity to fulfill the requirements 30 days after the default.


Lottery eligibility

  • Must be lawfully registered tribal fisherman with current fishing card, which includes current tag.
  • Have worked on dive boat for no less than 30 days 
  • Own a 24 ft vessel lawfully registered with the tribe including current tabs.
  • DOH inspected by Ron or Terry
  • Tribally Inspected by Ron or Terry
  • Coast Guard inspected
  • Must run forward and backwards on own power.
  • Have to sign up for Lottery Drawing on posted signup sheets

Signup sheets will be posted at the Natural Resources Building, 760 Stratton Rd, and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribal Center, 2851 Lower Elwha Rd.


2022 Geoduck Lottery Announcement (PDF)