Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

Freezer Update!

The freezers are coming, I promise they are, it’s still a thing that is happening. But, the hopeful early arrival is more realistically throughout the month of June.

Here is what we know so far, as I learn more I will provide updates:

  • Small Chest freezers:  24 should arrive the week of June 8th, and delivery/install will be coordinated through the vendor.
  • Large Chest freezers:  Currently in production, with a future shipment date.
  • Large Upright freezers:  10 are on-site with the vendor, delivery will be coordinated the week of June 8th (same time as small chest). The remainder (3 semi-trucks full), are in production right now, with a future date of shipment.

Please help be the messengers if this information for our community and share the update, as we are beginning to field an abundance of inquiry.

Thank you,
Tia Skerbeck
Tribal Operations Officer