Elwha Clinic Starting to Schedule Group B

Group B – Call to Schedule January 8th – 15th

•  Enrolled Lower Elwha elders ages 55+
•  Children’s House of Learning and Learning Center staff
•  Food bank staff

COVID-19 vaccinations will be administered according to the following plan which is based off of CDC guidelines. Individuals from each group will either be administered or offered the vaccine prior to moving onto the next group. Scheduling will take place on a rolling basis as we receive vaccines. We cannot schedule unless we have the vaccine on-site.  Orders for vaccines are placed on a weekly basis through IHS and not guaranteed until delivery is received. Please remain patient and understanding with the process. 

You must call the clinic at 360.452.6252 to be placed on the schedule, please call during your scheduling time frame. 

Individuals that meet the age/health condition criteria for Group A&B and also reside in a household of an enrolled elder, can call to schedule a vaccine.

Review the schedule: Vaccination Plan 1-8-21

Or in the previous post: Lower Elwha Vaccination Plan