LEKT Tribal Emergency Response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus)

(Please reference the previous announcement from LEKT Council Chairwoman Frances G. Charles – Public Health Emergency Declaration due to COVID-19 Threat – https://www.elwha.org/2020/03/public-health-emergency-declaration-due-to-threat-of-the-corona-virus-covid-19 )




Closed to the public:

  • Elwha River Casino
  • Heritage Center
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Elwha Shuttle/Transit
  • Recreation Department
  • Education Department
  • Library Department/Computer Lab
  • Language/Culture Department
  • Archaeological/Cultural Resources

Limited Closure:

  • Social Services
  • Tribal Courts

Open to Public:

  • Health Department:
    • Clinic
    • Dental
    • KCS
    • Mental Health
  • Law and Order
  • Emergency Management
  • C-Store:
    • Food & Fuel
    • Cedar Box
    • Food Truck

Working but closed to public:

  • Business Council
  • Executive Offices
    • Executive Director
    • Tribal Operations Officer
    • Executive Admin Assistant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance Department
  • Office of Tribal Attorney
  • IT Department
  • Human Resources
  • Natural Resources
  • Planning Department
  • Wastewater
  • Utilities
  • Housing
  • Facilities
  • Head Start/EHS – Staff Only/Facility Transition
  • Child Care – Staff Only/Facility Transition
  • Tribal Gaming Authority (limited staffing as needed)

All out of area travel is suspended. Meetings are restricted to 10 or fewer participants.

If you have questions about a program or department please contact them directly.

Please Note: This information may change at any time depending on the developing COVID-19 situation. Because we are in a public health state of emergency, this notice has information on it that may be reevaluated to meet newly identified needs. For updated information please call 360-452-8471 and press “9”.

Keri Ellis,     LEKT Public Information – COVID-19     3/16/2020

LEKT Tribal Emergency Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) (JPG)