Please Welcome Dr. Brenda Powell

Brenda Powell, MD, ABHIM, ABoIM practices integrative medicine in the model of personalized patient-centered care with attention to mind, body and spirit. She enjoys working with patients who want to create their healthcare program through nutritional supplements, mindfulness practice and holistic methods of healing.  Along with the other specialists at the center she creates comprehensive, individualized plans for treatment and wellness.

Dr. Powell is trained to treat children and adults. Her integrative approach has had success with a whole range of conditions, including digestive disorders, dermatological problems, fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation, and fatigue. In addition, she is an expert on menopause and women’s health.

Dr. Powell completed her training at Duke University Medical School and residency program. Her credentials include certification by the American Board of Family Practice and by the American Board of Integrative Medicine. She has published on alternative therapies for menopause, and she lectures nationally on integrative medicine. While at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Powell has managed a travel health clinic.  She has been an expedition physician to Peru, Belize and Nepal, and works with The Explorer’s Club scientific expeditions and National Geographic as ship’s physician for adventure cruises.

Dr. Powell –

I was raised in Bellevue before Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. I loved growing up in the Northwest. My father was a naturalist in Mt Rainier National Park and so we spent 3 summers on the mountain. I like to hike, kayak, diving/snorkeling and horseback ride. I grew up dancing ballet, so the arts are also very important to me. I went to college in Oregon at Linfield College and medical school and residency in Durham North Carolina at Duke University School of Medicine. My career includes training in family medicine, integrative medicine, travel medicine and working as a trip physician for National Geographic cruises. I am a member of the Explorer’s club. I believe wellness and good health come from care of the body, mind and spirit. My practice is patient centered and the patient physician relationship is an important part of healing and maintaining health.

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