Elwha Justice Center Expansion Draft


Finding of No Significant Impact and

Draft Environmental Assessment

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act  (NEPA), codified at 42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq., a Draft Environmental Assessment has been prepared for providing Federal financial assistance to the: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe. The project is subject to NEPA review because it is being funded, in part, with Federal funding available from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Proposed Action: The proposed action consists of the modifying the existing Justice Center by constructing a prisoner transfer sally port of 640 square feet and a garage of approximately 1,170 square feet, along with internal remodeling to create additional offices and workspace. The sally port will provide a secure area for prisoner transfer resulting in improved officer, staff and prisoner safety. The garage will allow the secure parking of emergency vehicles. The reconfigured office spaces will improve the efficiency and quality of the work environment, allowing for greater social distancing and organization of workflow for facility operations.

Location:  The proposed project would be located on Lower Elwha Reservation Tract 125-1184 within S35, T31N, R07W, WM, Clallam County, Washington State at 341 Spokwes Drive, Port Angeles, WA 98363.

Finding: The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance has determined that the proposed facility would not significantly affect the quality of the human or physical environment.    It is not expected that an environmental impact statement will be prepared for this project. 

Public Comments: The Draft Environmental Assessment is available for public review at the Tribe’s website at https://www.elwha.org/elwha-justice-center-expansion-draftea and at the following locations:  (1) The Elwha Justice Center, 341 Spokwes Drive, Port Angeles, WA 98363; and (2) The Elwha Tribal Center, 2851 Lower Elwha Road, Port Angeles, WA 98363.   A copy may be requested by email addressed to:  JC.Expansion@elwha.org.  Interested parties may submit written comments relating to this Draft Finding of No Significant Impact to the following addresses: (1) by email to JC.Expansion@elwha.org, or (2) by mail to 341 Spokwes Drive, Port Angeles, WA 98363.  All comments must be received by or postmarked no later than October 30, 2022.  For further information, contact Rachel Johnson, Office Manager, Lower Elwha Police Department, at 360.452.6759 ext. 2921 or at JC.Expansion@elwha.org.

No administrative action will be taken on the project before October 30, 2022 which is 30 calendar days after the public notice of this Draft Finding of No Significant Impact.

Published  September 29, 2022.

Revised Final Lower Elwha Klallam Justice Center Expansion NEPA EA 09-2022 (PDF)