Lower Elwha Social Services

​The Lower Elwha Social Services Department oversees various programs within the Tribe including, Tribal TANF, General Assistance, ICW, Family Advocacy, LIHEAP, food bank, emergency food vouchers, clothing closet, etc.

Staff Directory for the Social Services Department

  • Kelly Bradley, Social Services Director, x. 7451
  • Janet Elofson, Receptionist, x. 7450
  • Beatriz Arakawa, Family Advocacy, x. 7453
  • Becky Charles, TANF/GA Case Manager, x. 7455
  • Becca Sampson-Weed, ICW Case Manager,  x. 7456
  • Tammie Stevens, TANF/GA Case Manager, x. 7459
  • Vashti White, ICW Caseworker, x. 7458
  • ​Virginia Klein, ICW Caseworker, x. 7467
  • Tessa Youngman, FPS, x. 5003
  • Angelina Sosa, Healthy Relationships Between Youth and Elders, x. 7452
  • Leona McKinnon, Elders Coordinator, x. 7466
  • Brandy Williams, Elders Cook, x. 7646
  • Robin Ryan, Assistant Elders Cook, x. 7646
  • Melaine Wheeler, SOC, x. 7483
  • Wihinna Robideau, Vocational Rehab Counselor, x. 7457
  • Jim Allen, Vocational Rehab Counselor, 360.460.7549
For more information about these programs, please contact the Social Services Director Kelly Bradley at 360.452.8471 x. 7451.​